5 Reasons Travel Is More Fun After 50

Those who’ve waited until later in life to travel may find some well-deserved freedom and enjoy themselves much more than when they were younger.  What are some perks to vacationing in your 50’s and beyond? The sky’s the limit, and yes, pun intended!

No Need for Paid Time Off

During your working years, you probably worried about having enough vacation time, or someone to cover you in your absence.  Now you finally have the chance to soak in your travel experience without thoughts of what’s happening at the office.

Greater Sense of Adventure

Vacationing in your 20’s may have meant seeing all the typical touristy spots, or taking a cruise.  Older travelers often skip the usual suspects, for more unique destinations. For a European adventure, I love author Rick Steve’s Europe Through the Back Door, because he takes you off the beaten path to mingle with the locals.

Financial Flexibility

Young adults usually have a pretty tight travel budget that limits what they can do or see.  Being older with a bit more financial flexibility can expand your horizons, and allow you to get more out of your vacation.  Perhaps there was a B&B you’ve always wanted to stay in or a destination that would have been out of reach. Tackle your to-do list instead of narrowing it down.

Travel Discounts

Being in the prime of your life gets even sweeter when you become eligible for travel discounts. Websites such as AARP offer their members fantastic deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. Often you’ll find a better rate when you book a package – but either way Baby Boomers have the advantage! Travel author Bronwyn White’s book, Seniors Travel Tips shares insider savings secrets gathered over 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

Quality Over Quantity

As a seasoned traveler, it can be more enjoyable to visit quieter more scenic destinations rather than where the party is.  You might feel more fulfilled gazing over the Grand Canyon or lush green valleys of Hawaii rather than fighting your way through a packed city street.  Feeling at ease and relaxed is what a vacation should be, and after all, it’s what you’ve spent your years planning for!


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