A New Leash on Life

We’re programmed to fall in love with those soft eyes, and wagging tails. There’s nothing like the companionship, and affection we get from our animals. For many of us, they are our children wrapped in a fur coat.

Product DetailsSo you’re ready to welcome a dog or a cat into your heart and have to make the decision whether to adopt or shop. Adopting from your local humane society is one of the most rewarding choices you’ll ever make. For each pet rescued, a life is spared, and the room is made for another to enter into the system. According to the ASPCA, over 7 million animals enter shelters each year, and over 2 million are euthanized. These souls have either been surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them, or are rescued off of the streets. For a modest adoption fee, shelter pets have already been spayed or neutered, and sometimes even micro chipped.

Product DetailsIf you have a certain breed in mind, consider finding a breed specific rescue in your area. These organizations take in dogs of all ages and place them with foster families. The benefit of adopting this way, is you’ll have a pup who has lived in a home and will usually be socialized, and house trained. Don’t forget about the older guys. Most people want an energetic young dog or puppy, but maybe this isn’t the best choice for a busy schedule. Senior dogs are perfect for late night snuggles and are content to hang out while you’re at work. With proper care, many dogs can live well into their teens!

Product DetailsShelters and rescue groups will match you with the dog or cat to best suit your lifestyle. Every effort is made to ensure these precious animals are sent to their forever homes and based on personal experience, the joy that these second chance companions bring is beyond words.  If you are thinking further out of the box than a dog or cat, check out this link to peruse a wide variety of books on pet ownership from aardvarks to zebras!  What is your pet?  Please leave a comment on what kind of pet or pets you have and what you love about pet ownership.

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