Stephan and Lisa

Baby boomers Stephan & Lisa LaCount and team are the driving wheels behind

Their hope is to see fellow Boomers, Generation X, Active Seniors, and Empty Nesters grab the most out of life. As a former licensed aesthetician, Lisa shares her unique insights into the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, youthful appearance, healing foods and longevity tips as well as sharing her thoughts on overcoming the outward appearance and challenges of aging.

Their goal is to provide you with interesting articles which will enlighten you on how to add years to your life – as well as improve your quality of living.

As Internet pioneers, Lisa and Stephan were the creators of the website Active Adult Living and were its Managing Members for 18 years. Now they have dedicated their energies into that which is near and dear to their hearts – the pursuit of living life to the fullest – and to growing down!

Let’s make it a group goal and “Refuse 2 Age”!

We Refuse 2 Age!