Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna

What in the world is a Far Infrared Sauna anyway, and (why) should I want one?    As I understand it, 80% of the sun’s rays are infrared and those incidentally are not the rays that burn you (it is UV rays that cause sunburn).  Far Infrared rays penetrate your skin and provide heat to your body.  In fact, the heat from a Far Infrared Sauna has numerous healthful benefits for you.

Google reports 6 such benies from Infrared Sauna Therapy including Detoxification, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Improved Circulation and Skin Purification.

Sounds great, huh?  Surely with the constant exposure to toxins that we modern day humans face such as air pollution, household chemicals, pesticide residues on our fruits and veggies and preservatives found in most all packaged foods – detoxification is a valuable benefit for sure. But I love taking Far Infrared Sauna Therapy for the sheer relaxation aspect that it provides.

Let me paint you in the picture here…  We used to have a portable folding Far Infrared Sauna Spa Tent which we used and enjoyed for years.

It included a seat and an infrared foot pad as well as infrared side walls and it worked great.  Me, however – the tall fellow that I am – later wished that we would have purchased a larger unit such as the Durherm Large Infrared Sauna.

Upon a move to England a few years back we discovered a wonderful new generation of Far Infrared Sauna Spa Therapy which you can enjoy right on your bed laying down, not sitting up! With a system such as the Far Infrared Sauna Spa Blanket, you wrap yourself up all cozy like a giant burrito.

I have consistently experienced therapeutic bliss by closing the curtains and turning on a mood light, plugging in my earbuds with some relaxing music and then drifting off to dreamland enveloped in the soothing warmth of the blanket.

If being wrapped up in a sauna spa blanket sounds too claustrophobic then check out the Portable Far Infrared Sauna Slimming Dome which you enjoy laying on a Far Infrared blanket and the dome pulls over you like a one person camping tent.

So, while I do reap the healthful benefits of detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation and skin purification – the biggest benie to me is the relaxation – some undisturbed ME time, just to relax from the stresses of daily life.  And what the heck – with all of the other benefits you enjoy with it, you’re missing the boat if you don’t yet have one in your household.

You can click here if you’d like to see some other choices that may better suit your lifestyle or budget.  And, please feel free to comment on this post if you have questions or have ever personally enjoyed the many benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Spa Therapy!


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