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Having vegetarian or vegan guests sometimes poses a dilemma in knowing what to serve. Vegetarians avoid meat, while vegans refrain from all animal products including eggs, so catering to these diets can seem a little intimidating. The good news is that these lifestyles have become so mainstream that finding menu options is easier than you …

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Most of us are aware of the health risks associated with pesticides, fake air fresheners, and parabens, but research is showing a chemical that’s found in even the healthy stuff may be sabotaging our waistlines. After doing my best to buy natural, and organic everything, am I the only one who feels like they can’t …

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Did you know most people who sign up for gym memberships in January often give up come February? Despite well-intentioned plans to change bad habits for the new year, going from no physical activity at all to an hour on the treadmill every day can be difficult to maintain. Shorter days and cold nights make …

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae or “cyanobacteria”, that is one of nature’s top super-foods. You hear “algae” and imagine murky lakes, and floating anomalies, not a powerhouse supplement. The use of Spirulina for medicinal, and nutritional purposes has been around since the Aztecs began using it in the 14th century. Research has shown blue-green algae …

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senior woman with her caregiver at home

Being a caregiver to my mother was the most rewarding experience of my life. All the years she dedicated to me, I felt like I was able to give back and be there for her. We see our parents, and loved ones as these warriors of life, like the rock that cannot be shaken, and …

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Seniors living on a budget know how important it is to get the most out of their money. Eating healthy without breaking the bank is easy to do with some smart planning and doesn’t mean buying expensive health foods, or supplements. For folks living on their own, it can be easy to resort to TV …

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Most meals served in restaurants contain enough calories and sodium to go well over the average daily recommendation. A Canadian study published in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2013, showed that one meal served at a chain restaurant can contain over 1100 calories which if following a 2000 calorie diet is well over what is needed …

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It’s easy to get stuck in a flavor rut when it comes to cooking with herbs. You buy cilantro for taco night, and what doesn’t get used sits in the fridge until it wilts. Sound familiar? Herbs add a fresh flavor to slow-cooked dishes and even cocktails. Experiment with different herb/food pairings to discover your …

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Popping Tums here and there to counteract digestive upset from that giant meatball sub is fine, but did you know that chronically suppressing stomach acid can create bacterial overgrowth, and lead to infection? Many people rely on prescription antacids known as Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) to treat ulcers, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), but lowering …

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