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Can Exercise Maintain a Youthful Brain?

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Did you know being more NEAT could shrink your waistline, and help you live longer? You might be thinking if you’ve got your closet organized by color, and the house vacuumed you’re an automatic shoo in.. Not so fast. NEAT or (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is about all the ways you move throughout the day outside …

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We all know exercise is a necessity to maintain mobility, and a healthy weight, but is this also the key to a younger brain?  I know if I’ve been at the computer for too many hours, or I’m watching a Netflix marathon my body feels stiff and craves movement.  I also find my mind needs …

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Did you know most people who sign up for gym memberships in January often give up come February? Despite well-intentioned plans to change bad habits for the new year, going from no physical activity at all to an hour on the treadmill every day can be difficult to maintain. Shorter days and cold nights make …

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