Honor Your Yoga Body

Many avoid the gym or yoga class not because they’re feeling unmotivated, or lack the desire to get fit, but sadly because they don’t feel like they fit in, or feel self-conscious. It’s not just women who feel intimidated by the size zero on the treadmill wearing designer workout apparel, but men too may think they’re inadequate because they can’t compete with the guy sporting a six-pack. The truth is, anyone should be able to enjoy exercise, and one yoga studio in New York is teaching plus size clients that everyone has a starting point, and to honor your body regardless of size, or limitation.

Buddha Body Yoga studio works with clients to help modify yoga exercises to suit a larger body type or accommodate people with injuries. Yoga is a proven to increase flexibility, and be easier on the body than high impact activities, and the beauty of studios like this is people will feel comfortable in a supportive environment without feeling singled out or judged. If you’re in the New York area visit their website http://www.buddhabodyyoganyc.com

Modifying your workout is absolutely ok, and encouraged! Yoga props like chairs, and blocks, are there to help you get into positions in a safer way, and help you avoid injury. Most of the think if we can’t achieve those “pretzel” positions we’re always seeing yogi’s get into, then why bother, but Rome also wasn’t built in a day, these things take dedication and practice!

The physical benefits come with the program, but participating in classes like these is a great social opportunity for like-bodied individuals to share the experience, and boost one other’s self-esteem. In an article written by Harvard University, healthy social relationships help us live longer, healthier lives, feel happier and lower stress. No one should feel embarrassed or inferior, everyone is on their own fitness journey

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to working out, and if you’re motivated to get your body moving than kudos to you!

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