How a Dose of Bach Can Feed the Soul

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words” ~ Victor Hugo

Music is an intrinsic part of our lives, and could be considered the pathway to the soul. From the song we heard on our first date, to the soundtrack to our favorite movie, music has a way of transporting us back to a moment, helps us relax, and feel inspired. I took an exam in college for a piano course, and sitting down at the baby grand with the entire class watching silently, my nerves were shot. I’ll never forget pressing the keys, and after the first note, becoming completely engulfed by the music. It was like the world had disappeared and the calm that overtook me was unforgettable. I can say first hand that the mental, and physical benefits of music are a powerful force.

Musical Rx
Many hospitals, and memory care facilities have caught onto the healing benefits of music with pianists, and harpists playing in patient areas, and providers encouraging music as a way to reduce stress In an article written by Be Brain Fit, the response to music in Alzheimer’s patients is remarkable, showing improved reactivity when recognizing familiar songs. Elderly patients in particular may benefit from hearing music from their youth associating songs with events in their lives. Mental health institutions are also showing promising evidence that music helps reduce anxiety, and may also improve depression.

Better Performance
There’s a good reason for workout playlists, and listening to your favorite tunes while cleaning, or working at the office. Whether you’re trying to get through the last twenty minutes of your run, or pressured to meet a deadline, having energizing music in the background is shown to improve concentration, and focus, as well as promote stamina. Much like wine pairing, certain music genres are ideal for specific activities. According to a journal article published by Elsevier, students who listened to a lecture while listening to classical music scored higher on a post lecture questionnaire than those who didn’t.

Improved Mood
Music brings people together, and improves feelings of well being. Whether it’s a seeing a live show, playing with a band, or taking a class, music has a way of uniting us on a global level. Notice that feeling of excitement when your favorite song comes on the radio, or how the first few notes played at a concert feels in your body. They say to dance like no one’s watching, so the next time a song makes you want to tap your foot, or get your groove on, go for it!

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