How NEAT Are You?

Did you know being more NEAT could shrink your waistline, and help you live longer? You might be thinking if you’ve got your closet organized by color, and the house vacuumed you’re an automatic shoo in.. Not so fast. NEAT or (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is about all the ways you move throughout the day outside of your regular workout, whether that’s walking to your car, or doing yard work. Calories in, calories out, if you’re over fueling, and not expending enough energy, the risk of gaining weight increases.

Exercising most days of the week is important, but once your workout is over, are you back on the couch or sitting at your desk? Our bodies are made to move, and degenerative conditions like arthritis and chronic back issues are exacerbated by the lack of momentum. Think of a piece of machinery that sits around for too long, it gets stuck, and has to be oiled right? There’s no need to get fancy about being NEAT either. Along with a healthy diet, a day of cleaning house, wandering around the mall, or a job that requires you to be active all help keep the calorie burn going at a steady hum.

Does an hour a day keep the dangers of being desk bound away? A study out of Oslo, Norway showed promise for the plight of the office worker with evidence that an hour or more of daily exercise may reduce the risks associated with being sedentary during the day. An hour can be broken up into mini sessions if committing to a solid hour is difficult, and can really add up whether it’s a walk around the block or a quick yoga session first thing in the morning. Even when we feel sore the day after a hard workout, our bodies continue to burn calories, and restorative stretching, or taking the dog for a walk is plenty to keep our muscles working.

Fancy gadgets that log our steps and track calorie burn can be helpful to stay motivated but aren’t necessary to maintain daily activity. Making a conscious effort to park further away, ride your bike to work rather than drive, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are small steps that reap big rewards.

What is your way of keeping yourself physically active and healthy without putting an extra effort? let us know by commenting below.

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