Morning Rituals to Live By

On our countdown to the holiday season, I wanted to touch on how starting your morning on the right note can make or break the healthy choices you make throughout your day. The holidays are all about spending time with family, and friends, and with that comes a whirlwind of activities, and maybe not so great food choices. Set yourself up for success, and change the way you wake up and face the world.

Get up earlier: Sleeping in is fine occasionally, but giving yourself some extra time to pause and reflect makes all the difference. There’s something about the tranquility of the morning, and greeting the sunrise that can make you feel renewed and connected. Setting your clock ahead helps to avoid feeling rushed, which can be a recipe for stress and anxiety.

Hydrate: When you wake up, you’ve gone several hours without fluids, making hydration important. Drink warm lemon water to kick-start digestion, and flush the kidneys and lymphatic system. Lemons are alkaline to help balance ph, as well as being high in vitamin C. I love coconut water too as a natural way to replenish electrolytes especially after a late night, or too many holiday cocktails.  My favorite is Vita Coco; 100% pure, delicious and never from concentrate.

Eat Breakfast: Skipping breakfast will not slow your metabolism but it will cause you to go calorie crazy later in the day. Studies have shown people that eat a balanced breakfast are less likely to become obese and tend to make better food choices throughout the day. Include protein, and whole grains to fuel your morning. Keep it light to avoid an energy slump.

Make a Healthy Intention: Set yourself a goal for the day like remembering to breathe deep, or take the stairs in lieu of the elevator. Knowing you’ve done something good for you promotes a positive outlook, and boosts self-esteem. Before giving this holiday season remember to give to yourself!

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