Morocco’s Golden Beauty Secret

All that glitters may not be gold, but have you tried Moroccan argan oil? I came across what I consider a magical beauty potion a few years ago while watching a skin care demonstration and was instantly intrigued. As the woman held up the tiny bottle of golden liquid touting its benefits as an anti-aging elixir, an effective moisturizer, and its rich antioxidant content, naturally I had to give it a try. Sourced from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree, the healing and beautifying properties of this precious oil dates back to ancient times. These days most of us are more cognizant than ever of the importance of using natural and sustainable products, so when argan oil ‘came on the scene’ people couldn’t get enough.

When I was told I could replace my facial moisturizer with argan oil, I was skeptical of slathering “oil” on my face because wouldn’t it clog my pores? Contrary to the idea that additional oil will make skin MORE oily, stripping the skin of its natural moisture actually increases oil production. Naturally high in vitamin E and fatty acids, daily use of the oil nourishes skin cells and may help reduce the signs of aging – which we all love the sound of, right?

Argan oil as a hair care treatment has gone mainstream with anti-frizz serums, and argan infused shampoos and conditioners are made to deeply penetrate hair strands for silky smooth locks. Moroccan women are known for their lustrous hair, and if you asked for their beauty secret – argan oil would be it. Perfect for curly, coarse, or damaged hair, just rubbing a few drops into the ends can transform dull hair into a resilient mane.

Some have also reported increased hair growth massaging the oil into the scalp, or applying a small amount to eyebrows, and lashes.

Did you know argan oil can be used internally? Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, adding the 100% pure oil to salad dressings, or lightly cooked vegetables is an amazing way to add healthy fats to your diet. Omega 3’s are vital for assimilating fat-soluble vitamins like A, and K, and essential for healthy hormones, digestion, and cardiovascular health. As with other nutrient dense oils, it should always be cold pressed and never heated – so as to retain its optimal nutrient profile. Available online and in some health markets, culinary argan oil is a fantastic alternative to olive or avocado oils.

Do you use or have you ever tried argan oil?  Leave us a comment!

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