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There’s nothing more inviting than filling your home with cozy autumnal fragrances.  Stores are packed with plugins, candles, and sprays all promising to entice your airways with pumpkin pie, and apple spice.  The issue with these products is that most commercial brands are made with harmful chemicals and toxins that are better suited to a lab, than in your house.

If you look at the labels on traditional air fresheners, most contain phthalates and dichlorobenzene which is a common ingredient found in pesticides.  Both have been linked to disrupting hormones, causing lung inflammation, and triggering migraines. Most of us use home fragrances during the cooler months when there is little to no air flow, when in fact use of these chemicals is advised with plenty of cross ventilation.

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Nothing mimics the warm aromas of fall than the real thing.  Think cinnamon sticks, apples, star anise, orange peel, are you in your kitchen yet?  Creating authentic, natural fragrances at home is as easy as… pie.  I couldn’t resist, but really everyone knows an apple pie baking in the oven is enough to please anyone’s senses.

My favorite method is simmering orange zest with apples, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks on the stove or in the oven.  A small slow cooker is great for this because you can plug it in and let it do its thing.  Get creative using herbs, and extracts to find your favorite combinations.

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Mix up your favorite essential oils in a small spray bottle with some water for a DIY air freshener.  Natural oils do more than smell great, they can boost your mood, soothe anxiety, and increase productivity!

I personally like to use a few drops of citrus, with cinnamon or clove for warmth, and spice. My motto is that the most beautiful smells are those found in nature, not the grocery aisle.

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