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Perhaps you’ve dreamed of basking poolside in Maui, or sipping a glass of wine in the Loire Valley, but the expense of lodging has kept you from the vacation of a lifetime. As a baby boomer or retiree, these are the best years of your life to explore the world, so don’t let where to stay keep you from your next adventure! A home exchange for folks 50 and better is a fantastic way to travel by saving money on accommodations, and transportation to do more of what you love to do. Skip the hassles of booking a hotel, and find out how to join fellow 50+ globe trekkers who enjoy the freedom and budget friendliness of this exciting concept.

What is a Home Exchange?
In a home exchange, parties agree to swap homes whether it be for a holiday getaway, or to visit friends, and relatives. This idea is based on the honor system, whereby someone will stay in your home, and have access to amenities such as your swimming pool, or vehicle if the agreement permits. Homes used in an exchange can be someone’s primary residence or vacation home and can range from a coastal villa to a single-family home in the suburbs. Websites like Seniors Home Exchange, and Home Exchange 50 Plus give travelers the opportunity to connect with other homeowners and plan their ultimate vacation.

Why Home Exchange is Ideal for Travelers 50+
Retirees and empty nesters have greater flexibility in when they can travel and are typically able to enjoy a longer vacation. What better way to get to know your destination than from your exchange partner? Get the lowdown on the area, local attractions, and get dining recommendations straight from the source. People 50 and older typically travel more often, and a home swap can include staying in more than one location which is great for a European venture where you may be in a few countries over the course of your holiday. Those who’ve participated have said a home exchange is a great way to experience the world and make new friends in the process!

Getting Started
To register your home for an exchange, you’ll pay an annual, or 3-year fee depending on the agency. Listing your home, or vacation rental on a home exchange site is secure, and your name or address will not be displayed. If a property catches your eye you can then contact the owner to make arrangements privately. You have control over who will be in your home, and there is added security knowing the house won’t be vacant in your absence. If you choose to make your vehicles available to guests, be sure to contact your auto insurance to make the appropriate arrangements.

The hardest part about arranging a house exchange is deciding where to go. The cost savings of staying in someone’s home rather than a hotel or B&B are substantial and offer comforts such as the use of a kitchen, and laundry facilities. So, stop dreaming, and start planning the vacation you deserve! Register today to seek like-minded home exchangers who’d rather be spending their hard-earned dollars having fun versus tipping the bellboy.

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  1. September 4, 2017

    Home Exchange is such a great way to travel and works especially well for the 50s, which is why more and more of us are now travelling this way. If you are new to the idea of home swapping, it does take a bit of a leap of faith, but having done it once most people travel this way again.
    Our members at HomeExchange50plus are equally split between those who have exchanged previously and those who are first timers.
    My main advice to first timers is to communicate lots with potential swap partners, to get to know them and their location, and perhaps start locally and for a short stay to get used to it.

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