Senior Dogs are Angels Wrapped in Fur

Who can resist a puppy with its impossibly sweet baby face, and soft wriggly body? Honestly, it’s the most precious little being in the world, but as my senior boy snoozes at my feet, I tend to find his white sugar face, and big brown eyes equally irresistible. I adopted my nine-year-old bundle of love only months ago, and he still has the vibrant spirit of a much younger pup, paired with years of wisdom behind his eyes. People asked me why I chose to adopt an older gentleman with a shorter life ahead, and I asked why not? He’s got plenty of spunk left, and with my active, and busy life he suits me perfectly.

Seniors and senior pets are a match made in heaven. Older dogs are as content with a leisurely walk as they are snoozing on the sofa beside you. For people with limited mobility or less energy, a distinguished little guy or gal can be the perfect fit.

When you adopt an older dog, you’re saving a life, and providing that pup with a warm home, and plenty of love. Also, these dogs are usually housetrained and don’t need to run an Iditarod to get enough exercise. Most already know their basic sits, and downs, and are less inclined to chew through your Italian loafers.

For older adults who live alone, or perhaps are struggling with depression, animal companions help to fill that void by giving a person someone to look after and provides a welcome distraction. I had done a therapy dog visit to a nursing home years ago, and was amazed how many elderly patients lit up at the sight of a dog, and opened up with stories about their own pets. I have a t-shirt with the logo “my therapist works for kibble”. This couldn’t be truer.

It’s human nature to desire companionship, and that’s exactly what these senior pets seek as well. Give these white-muzzled angels a second chance, because what some might say is a shorter lifespan, is really only the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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