Staying Social As We Age

The Alzheimer’s Association has shown that keeping our minds active as we age may help protect against this disease and improve brain function. Staying socially engaged is important to maintain alertness, and our ability to continue learning. We are social beings by nature, and getting out there and interacting with others can boost cognitive health as well as self-esteem.

Getting Technical: In our electronic age, social media outlets such as Facebook isn’t just for college students! In fact, older adults than ever before are enjoying this type of networking experience and becoming more computer savvy in the process.

Sign Up For A Class: It is never too late to learn something new! Taking a class such as a foreign language keeps the mind challenged and can even help replenish brain cells. Classes are also fun ways to interact with others with like interests. Other group activities such as joining a choir or a book club is a great opportunity to feel a part of something and make new friends!

Join a Cause: Serving on a volunteer basis or even taking on part-time employment is a wonderful way to get social and do something you’re passionate about. Face to face communication with others helps us to feel good about ourselves, and the more we go out and do this the easier and more enjoyable it becomes.

Getting involved in our communities opens up so many possibilities to meet other people and enrich our lives. I think most of us would be surprised with what we have to offer!

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