The Skinny on Attending a Holiday Party

Whether it’s a family gathering, or office get together, holiday parties mean an abundance of sweet and savory treats. The moment folks walk in the door, the indulgence begins, and it often leads to feeling overstuffed and making a vow to spend an extra hour at the gym the next day. Believe it or not stepping away from the buffet table feeling satisfied is not only doable, but you’ll be ahead of the game when trying to drop those pesky pounds come to New Years Day.

To avoid overeating, don’t arrive in the party famished. Feeling overly hungry means consuming more than you really need, and being that it’s the holiday season, we’re talking high-calorie fare here. An hour or so before the party, have a small snack to keep your blood sugar stable, and portions in check.

Fill your plate with veggies, and salads and take smaller servings of more luxurious offerings such as roasts, cheeses, and casseroles. Keep in mind alcohol also increases the caloric load, so be mindful of how many cocktails you’re consuming. The idea is to not deprive yourself of festive food and drink but to follow the old adage of all things in moderation.

Use smaller serving dishes. We eat with our eyes, and opting for a smaller plate can help keep your serving sizes more realistic, and trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more. Same goes for utensils. Try using a salad fork rather than standard size one to slow the amount of food you’re putting in your mouth. (Health tip, when eating at buffets try eating with your left hand if you have been serving yourself or shaking hands with your right – keep those winter germs at bay).

Eating mindfully means taking your time to savor rather than inhaling your meal. Studies have proven that properly chewing your food, and taking smaller bites results in better digestion, thus eating fewer calories because you’re more aware of feeling satisfied.

Enjoy the company of those around you, and engage in good conversation. Savor your food and atmosphere, and before you know it, you’ll have avoided the dreaded post-holiday weigh-in!

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