Thought Learning a New Sport Was Just For Kids?

There’s a big misconception out there that fitness after retirement means you’re limited to water aerobics or a stationary bike. The truth is, participating in hobby sports whether it’s skiing, tennis, or maybe even a triathlon doesn’t just do a body good, but it alters the stereotype that getting older means putting on the brakes. According to an article by the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, older adults who remain active change the way our society views seniors by turning aging into ageless.

Bust a Move
Who says ballroom dancing isn’t a sport? We’ve all at one time or another watched Dancing With the Stars wishing we could nail that fancy footwork. Rumba, Argentine Tango, or Jive, dancing is a serious cardio workout! The Centers for Disease Control recommend adults get a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity per week, and a fast-paced dance routine can really burn some calories. If the idea of structured exercise sounds daunting, dancing is a fun, and fabulous multi-tasker.

Find Your Inner Daredevil
If you’ve ever thought zip lining, skydiving or skateboarding looked tempting, there’s no better time than the present. Healthy older adults are perfect candidates for taking their dreams of adventure on a wild ride. Don’t sell yourself short thinking extreme sports are reserved for youngsters. If you’re young at heart with the passion for all things exhilarating, there’s no such thing as too old, so go grab the sign up sheet!  Not such a daredevil?  Have some fun with sports such as bowling, biking, swimming or tennis.

Achieving Balance
Activities like ballet, figure skating, or gymnastics require focus and balance. According to the National Institute on Aging, an exercise that improves balance, also reduces the risk of falls, thereby lessening the likelihood of a fracture. What these sports also have in common is they improve flexibility which is great for keeping muscles limber to protect joints, and prevent injury. Step up to the barre, or lace up those skates, maybe get your friends together, and join a class!

Age is all relative. Are you over 60? Fabulous. 70, and beyond? Even Better. Forget the bucket list, make it your dream come true list.

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