Women Over 60 Take Retirement Off the Agenda

I met a psychologist seventy years young who decided at age fifty-six to make her dreams come true and head back to class for her doctorate degree. She loves what she does, and has no plans of calling it quits. From Martha Stewart to the Queen of England, women are finding “retirement” age comes and goes with the notion of collecting social security a far distant idea.

Political powerhouse, or registered nurse, what today’s older and bolder ladies have in common is the desire to remain in the workforce for as long as possible, and these industry pioneers are loving their independence. According to an article published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the upswing of older women working into their sixties and beyond began in the late 80’s (although it is recorded since Biblical times) and based on current stats, they aren’t turning in the towel anytime soon.

Whether she’s an empty nester getting her feet wet after spending her years being a mom, and housewife, or just wants a career change, what these gals are bringing to the table is a seasoned experience. Twenty-something college fledglings may have shiny credentials, but many employers are recognizing the value of an employee with a practiced skill-set.

The biggest contributing factor to aging-in-place is boomers are living longer, healthier lifestyles. Director of the Productive Aging Laboratory at the University of Texas Denise C. Oak, PhD., says older adults who stay intellectually engaged may slow cognitive decline. There’s also the added benefit of being socially involved that boosts brain function and improves self-esteem.

Why stop while ahead?  What works for women at work past sixty-five still doing what they love shouldn’t mandate that they quit because society says it’s time to retire. If they’re waking up each morning with their game face on ready to tackle the day ahead, why should the time clock stop ticking?  Ladies, post a comment here if you are 60+ and working.

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